Armando Luongo – The trance drummer who gives you goose bumps


Jazz drummer – Jazz dreamer

Armando  Luongo is part of the new generation of jazz drummers coming from Italy.

He graduated in classical percussions (2007) at the « G. Martucci » Conservatory of Salerno where he  studied with the teacher Carlo Di Blasi. Then he obtained a Bachelor in Jazz Music in 2010 at the « Licinio Refice »; conservatory of Frosinone.

Two years later, in 2012, he got a Master in Jazz Performance at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Den Haag in Holland.

Here, he has the chance to study with the Dutch jazz master Eric Ineke, John Ruocco, Joost Patocka and Stefan Kruger.

In 2009 Armando won a scholarship for studying one year at the Conservatoire Royal of Bruxelles in Belgium.

At this moment, he will have the chance to study with the famous Belgian drummer Bruno Castellucci.

Photo Roger Vantilt

Armando Luongo will also play with many famous jazz players such as:  Bob Mover (USA), Dmitry Baevsky (Russia), Frank Vaganée, Bert Joris, Steve Houben, Phil Abraham (Belgium).

And, John Ruocco (USA),  Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (Belgium), Bo Van Der Werf (Belgium), Richard Rousselet (best horn Player at the Monteaux 1971), Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Fabian Fiorini …

During his career Armando has achieved several awards : Jury prize with CCFM in the contest « Antonio Barezzi Live 2008 » (Italy), 1st prize with Ipocontrio (Italy) at the « European Jazz Contest 2009 » in Rome, 1st prize with the Unespected 4 at the « Dinant Jazz Night 2010 » in Belgium.

Finalist with Vincent Thekal trio (France) at the « Jazz A Vienne 2011 », 2nd prize with Filippo Bianchini Quartet at the « Jimmy Woode European Jazz Award 2012 »; where Armando also won the « Best Drums Player Prize ».

Armando has been living in Belgium since 2012. In order to improve his knowledge about jazz music he enjoys travelling to new York where he can play with musicians coming  from all over the world and he has been having to chance to study with the masters (Kenny Washington, Greg Hutchinson, Ari Hoening, Joe Sanders, Dan Weiss, Justin Faulkner, Jeff Ballard, Mark Turner).


CLaudio Filippini  “Belgian Trio”

Joachim Caffonnette Quintet – Belgium

Photo Roger Vantilt

Filippo Bianchini  4et – Italy/Belgium

WMS  – France/Belgium

Karim Blal  Trio – France

God save the swing  – Belgium

Swingalicious Big band – Belgium/Holland

Ipocontrio – Italy

Marco De Gennaro Trio – Italy

Jeremy Dumont Quartet – Belgium

Vincent Thekal Trio – France

Matteo Pastorino Trio – Italy/France

MAMA Quartet – Italy


Angelo Loia “Aria Re Viento Re Terra” 2003

Yumma-re “Eden” (MKM/Aural) 2009

Ipocontrio “The Beginning Of A Love Affair” (St Louis Jazz Collection) 2011

Costanza Alegiani “Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair” (Improvvisatore Involontario) 2014

Vincent Thekal Trio “Climax” (Ragtime) 2014

God Save The Swing “The Biggest Little Band In a Flat Land” 2014

Filippo Bianchini Quartet “Disorder at Border” (September) 2015

Francesca Palamidessi “ In Other Words I’m Three” (Ragtime) 2015

Joachim Caffonnette Quintet “Simplixity” (AZ Production) 2015

Ipocontrio “Continuum” (AMA Records) 2016

God Save The Swing feat Celia Kameni coming out in spring 2017

Marco De Gennaro Trio “ Enjoy” Feat Javier Girotto & Daniele Scannapieco (Filibusta record)


Album releases expected this fall 2017

« Matteo Di Leonardo Quintet » feat Claudio Filippini

« Filippo Bianchini “Le Voyage” – September Label

« God Save The Swing » feat Celia Kameni


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