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Owner & CEO of ESP. Chiropractor. Certified expert on Performance Conditioning, Sports Science & Exercise Physiology

ESP is a state of the art performance and rehabilitation centre operating within a cutting-edge concept specifically tailored for professional football (soccer) players and elite athletes alike.

ESP was founded and developed by Dr. Roland Claes, D.C., chiropractor (USA). He’s a certified expert in exercise physiology, sports science and performance conditioning (USA) . He has worked for many years with elite athletes and several prestigious sports organizations.

Performance conditioning at ESP increases the athletes’ strength, flexibility, balance, agility, explosive power, joint stability and endurance, while considerably reducing risk of injury throughout the season. This cutting-edge training method is also ideal for post-op rehabilitation.

ESP also offers comprehensive nutrition programs and dietary supplement advice, both vital in today’s elite sports. Dr. Claes has also vast international experience in sports nutrition and motivation techniques.

ESP has many professional football (soccer) players and elite athletes currently training at its facilities. They have all dramatically increased their level of play.

ESP programs are personalized, based on the player’s position, the athlete’s sport, his current bio-mechanical weaknesses and his history of injuries.

ESP offers:

– Chiropractic & soft tissue therapy
– Performance conditioning
– Specific training programs
– Nutrition coaching
– Mental coaching
– Functional training
– Strength training
– Core stability
– Injury prevention & rehabilitation
– Physiotherapy

More about Roland Claes:

Owner @ESP | Elite Sport Performance

  • ESP are cutting-edge sports centres specializing in performance conditioning, injury prevention & rehabilitation of elite (and non-) athletes.

Representative Belgium Chiropractic Sport Council

  • The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (French: Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport or FICS) is an international organization which promotes sports chiropractic around the world. It is composed of national sports chiropractic councils, from many countries such as Belgium, Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United States, and the United Kingdom. FICS was formed in 1987, and has its headquarters in the Maison du Sport Internationale in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Head Athletic Trainer & Team Chiropractor

  • Brussels Tigers american football team (BAFL)

Team chiropractor & performance conditioning expert

  • White Star Woluwé FC

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T: +32 (0)498 521 521

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