Phil Abraham – Trombonist knowing how to sing

Biography of Phil Abraham Evolution After studying the classical piano, the guitar and harmony, Phil Abraham was seduced by jazz and the trombone, on which he is self-taught. His stylistic … ContinuerPhil Abraham – Trombonist knowing how to sing

Vincent Thekal – L’éclectique saxophoniste

Quelques mots sur le saxophoniste Vincent Thekal Saxophoniste, musicien éclectique, leader de différentes formations, le trio de Vincent Thekal sort un premier album fin 2014 sur le label Ragtime Production. » PSP » est un … ContinuerVincent Thekal – L’éclectique saxophoniste

Lorenzo Di Maio – Guitariste

 Biographie du guitariste Lorenzo Di Maio Lorenzo Di Maio est un musicien éclectique et curieux de nouvelles sonorités. C’est ainsi qu’il commence l’apprentissage de la musique et de la guitare … ContinuerLorenzo Di Maio – Guitariste

Marie Fikry – Oriental Jazz Quartet

  Née à Liège, d’un père marocain et d’une mère belge, Marie se passionne très tôt pour la musique et la peinture. Après des études de piano classique à Mons, … ContinuerMarie Fikry – Oriental Jazz Quartet

Fabrizio Graceffa – Guitare Rock & Jazz in harmony

Le parcours de Fabrizio Graceffa C’est à l’âge de 13 ans que Fabrizio Graceffa commence la guitare en autodidacte. Plus tard, à l’âge de 17 ans, il jouera déjà dans plusieurs formations … ContinuerFabrizio Graceffa – Guitare Rock & Jazz in harmony

Igor Gehenot – When the simple becomes special

EN Biography of Igor Gehenot The pianist Igor Gehenot started classical piano studies from an early age. At 13 he enters the jazz section of the royal academy of Liège and … ContinuerIgor Gehenot – When the simple becomes special

Hans van Oosterhout – Drummer

Biography Hans van Oosterhout was born in the Netherlands in 1965. He started playing drums at the age of seven. After graduating from high school, he is immediately admitted to … ContinuerHans van Oosterhout – Drummer

Tim Finoulst – Guitarist

Discover the talented guitarist, Tim Finoulst Tim Finoulst studied at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, where he graduated in 2010. He followed masterclasses with Peter Hertmans, Hans Van Oost, John … ContinuerTim Finoulst – Guitarist

Ruben Hernandez

Ruben Hernandez – Trumpeter

Biography of Ruben Hernandez He begins his musical training in Cuba at the age of 10 years old, in 1994, at Manuel Samuel music school. A few years later, he … ContinuerRuben Hernandez – Trumpeter

Stefan Bracaval- The flutist

EN About the flutist Stefan Bracaval Stefan Bracaval is living in Antwerp, Belgium. He was born in Mechelen december 9th 1967. During his childhood, he had a training in CLASSICAL music in his … ContinuerStefan Bracaval- The flutist